Shahar and Yaniv win 2nd place in Student Project Contest

Shahar Levi and Yaniv Kerzhner won the 2nd place in the Kasher Undergraduate Student Project Contest in the Faculty of Electrical Engineering at the Technion, for the research conducted in our group in collaboration with the VLSI Laboratory on “Rigorous Analytical Model for Metasurface Microscopic Design with Interlayer Coupling“.

On the same occasion, Liran Biniashvili has received an Honorable Mention for his research project, conducted in our group in collaboration with Communication Laboratory, on “Suppressing Reflections in Waveguide Bends Using Metagrating-Inspired Techniques”.

Congratulations to Shahar, Yaniv, and Liran for the successful projects and the awards!


Yaniv and Liran continue their research work as M. Sc. students in our group.