PRB Paper Published (19-Sep-2019)

Our paper “Fabry-Pérot Huygens’ metasurfaces: On homogenization of electrically thick composites” by Dr. Sherman W. Marcus (Research Associate) and A. Epstein,  has been published in the Physical Review B. The paper proposes a new physical structure to realize Huygens’ metasurfaces, relying on a symmetric cascade of two Fabry-Pérot etalons to construct the unit cells (meta-atoms). Due to the simplicity of the meta-atom configuration, the synthesis procedure can be done efficiently using a textbook analytical model. Remarkably, despite being electrically thick, the proposed geometry is shown to exactly reproduce the response of an abstract Huygens’ metasurface (represented by abstract boundary conditions – the GSTCs) implementing anomalous refraction. Using a detailed Floquet-Bloch formulation, the scattering from an arbitrary oblique angle of incidence is analyzed, yielding closed-form expressions for the dominant reflection and transmission, highlighting the robust emulation of the abstract boundary conditions by the Fabry-Pérot Huygens’ metasurfaces. We expect that these analytically designed structures would be very useful in practical demonstrations of intricate metasurface-based devices, whose complicated synthesis procedures posed challenges in terms of realization.