PRB Paper Published (28-Aug-2020)

Our paper “Electrically thick Fabry-Perot omega bianisotropic metasurfaces as virtual antireflective coatings and nonlocal field transformers” by Dr. Sherman W. Marcus (Research Associate) and A. Epstein,Β  has been published in the Physical Review B. The paper shows how our previously introduced Fabry-Perot Huygens’ metasurface construct can be extended to realize omega-bianisotropic metasurfaces. Breaking the symmetry of the unit cells enables an accurate emulation of arbitrary inhomogeneous omega-bianosotropic profiles, while retaining the appealing anayltical model allowing effortless synthesis of the physical unit cell configuration. In addition to demonstrating (via simulations) that nonlocal field transformations previously proposed with abstract omega-bianisotropic metasurfaces can indeed be realized using the proposed configuration, we were able to harness a rigorous Floquet-Bloch analysis to show that under certain conditions, the bianisotropic metasurfaces can be viewed as a Huygens’ metasurface with the addition of a virtual anti-reflective coating. For refractive metasurfaces, this intriguing physical interpretation provides insight into the mechanism by which omega-bianisotropic metasurfaces realize perfect anomalous refraction, eliminating spurious coupling to specular reflection observed for Huygens’ metasurfaces.

Amit selected as a finalist in the 2020 IEEE APS/URSI Student Paper Competition

M. Sc. student Amit Shaham was selected as a finalist in the 2020 IEEE APS/URSI Student Paper Competition for his paper “Plane-Wave Scattering off Sinusoidally-Modulated Metasurfaces with Normal Susceptibilities”.

Way to go, Amit!

This is the second time in a row that a student from our group appears in the finals (top 10) for this symposoium, with M. Sc. student Liran Biniashvili participating in the 2019 IEEE APS/URSI finals in Atlanta, GA.