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Scilliar and Catinaccio (Italy)

Zagori Circuit (Greece)

  • In brief: Between the villages of the Zagori, down and up the Vikos gorge, accompanied by great food (Greek salad and gyros) splendid camping spots (nature+tent), plenty of water, and Mediterranean wild fruit in season (figs, grapes, berries…). Album
  • When: 20-24 September, 2010
  • Gateway city: Ioannina, Greece
  • Start/End:
  • Book: “The mountains of Greece: a walker’s guide”Tim Salmon and Michael Cullen
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Choquequirao (Peru)

  • In brief: Walking off the beaten track to the famous Machu Pichu through the recently discovered (~10 years) equally impressive sacred city of Choquequirao. Album
  • When: 16-22 October, 2009
  • Gateway city: Cuzco
  • Start/End: Cachora (village)
  • Book: ???
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