Congratulations, Amit!

PhD student Amit Shaham has won the 1st place in the 2024 Technion ECE Research Day graduate student poster competition for his work on omnidirectionally transparent generalized Huygens’ metasurfaces. This adds to the recent award for the paper Amit Shaham and Ariel Epstein, “Rigorous Susceptibility-Based Design of Generalized Huygens’ Metasurface Radomes”, selected as the Best Electromagnetic Paper in the recent EuCAP2024 conducted in Glasgow on March 2024.


Congratulations again, Amit!

PRB Paper Published (18-Nov-2022)

Our paper on multimodal anti-reflection coatings, written by Dr. Sherman Marcus in collaboration with Dr. Vinay Killamsetty, Yarden Yashno and Ariel Epstein, has been published in the Physical Review B. The work demonstrates, theoretically and experimentally, that a combination of judiciously designed dielectric slabs can affect dramatically the reflection properties of a given arbitrary grating. In the paper, a rigorous analytical model is utilized to realize perfect anomalous reflection out of various types of such gratings, showcasing the versatility of this simple solution, readily applicable also in a wide range of wave-based physical phenomena.